Friday, August 02, 2013


This is the porch I'll be sitting out on for some plein air painting during a three day painting workshop today through Sunday! I learned this week that so far I am the only person who signed up...and they're going to do it anyway.  I get to stay at the Inn, too.  This is the same Inn where our son was married two years ago (August 13th). We will have our family Christmas gathering here, also, this December.


  1. Howie's IT!

    Thought that pavilion looked familiar! Have fun, listener.

  2. Sounds very interesting, listener.

    Alan, I'm sorry you view the nebula that way. I've always thought just the opposite, stars being ejected from a central point, which is, curiously, much closer to the truth. Here's the link to the writeup:

    1. cat--I am pretty sure I have seen that one before, and didn't have that idea pop into my head; probably it was freudian--I had too many things to do, ravening after me, and I projected that onto the photo.


  3. Happy belated anniversary, R&D♥

  4. I guess because of Edwin, I always see nebula as play grounds.