Thursday, June 27, 2013

Upon seeing a friend's Baby...


  1. Dean!

    Hmmm, I don't see today's photo via my iPhone.
    I'll check on my computer soon and fix as needed.
    Thank you for your patience.

  2. Alan ~~ Thanks. Article IV, Section 1 was what I was thinking of. I suppose I basically think of civil marriage as a judicial proceeding, since it is normally and properly performed by a judge. Granted that many states (including California, alas!) have so few judges willing and able to perform marriages that it is necessary to delegate marriage authority to people who are not otherwise judges.

    1. I didn't realize California judges are disinclined to marry folks these days; my great aunt and uncle, as well as at least one other couple in my family, were married by a judge. Worked at least as well as being married by a sky pilot. My position is that marriage is a contract, which the state has a legitimate interest in regulating; if people wish to make it a religious sacrament as well, fine; but that is superfluous to the business of the state. In short, it ought to be civil unions for everyone (call them marriages) and religious sacraments if so desired. Confusing the two is not helpful these days. It was part of Charlemagne's system for subjugating the Saxons (and everyone else), but that was another world.


    2. Alan ~~ I absolutely agree with the idea of civil unions for everybody. Using the same term for the religious ceremony and the civil union produces much of the confusion we see.

      As for judges, in 1965 Los Angeles County, the only way to be married by a judge (unless you happened to know one personally) was to get up at the crack of dawn Saturday for the 2-hour bus trip from Pasadena to the county courthouse.

      The alternative was to cross the state line and be married by a Nevada JP. But Penny and I didn't have the money for that.

  3. Lovely store trip. Day lilies in full glory, and my favorite panorama with lilies: against a fence with purple sweet peas (wild) behind. And daisies and elder, and crown vetch, and Queen Anne's lace, and two kinds of mullein. And Devil's bugloss. Just lovely out there. And a bit cool.

  4. Things nowhere near as bad as I thought. This afternoon's thunderstorm produced a power surge that, despite the uninterupted power supply, threw the computer into apparently irreversible power saver mode. Then, when I tried to deal with that by cycling the UPS off and on, the computer shut down and wouldn't restart. At that point, it looked like the one bright spot was that I'd backed up at bedtime last night.

    But then, about 9:30, the computer came back on. And what I was working on at the time had been autosaved. Aside from a bit of lost time, no problem at all.

    And just so you know, I'll be at a convention from about mid-day tomorrow until Sunday afternoon.

  5. Hang on...I'm FINALLY seeing what became of that photo today! It'll make you smile!

  6. There! The photo is up out front! See what you thing. ;-) Worth waiting for?

  7. Wow, Bill! That was lucky! So glad!

  8. Sounds like a gorgeous drive, puddle!

    Our roadsides are lined with white Queen Anne's Lace and blue Chickory.

  9. ... Flooding will impact the north country through Friday...

    Flooding is expected on Friday and will have an impact on the north
    country. Start preparing now!

    New rainfall amounts later tonight and Friday will be in the 1 to 4
    inch range across the north country. This combined with already
    saturated soils means there will be flooding!

    Examine your surroundings now to determine actions you need to take
    to protect your property!

    Smaller rivers and streams will flood quickly and some roads will
    become flooded or washed out!

    Travel will be difficult during the morning commute! Never drive
    through flooded roads!

    Stay away from flood waters!

    Gee...think they mean it? ;-)

    The whole state of Vermont is on high alert with this storm. Everything is super saturated and it's plain we are going to have flooding (even in places not previously flooded), and road washouts.

    Here the storm is just getting going, and plans to be a deluge all day tomorrow. So naturally my husband and I have tickets to an outdoor Philharmonic concert to celebrate our Anniversary. Heh.

    1. Do you think buying the tickets brought on the rain?