Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday

I took this photo recently 
while visiting the memorial garden I helped build. 
This cross was hewn all by hand.


  1. All those who give much of themselves for the sake of Love and Goodness,
    no matter what the consequences,
    are First today!

    So, of course, Dean is first,
    and so is Tanner's Mom!!! ♡

  2. So super excited, joyful to tears, and warmed to toes
    to learn that Tanner is home and his family is all together again!!

    That's like Spring, Easter and Christmas all rolled into one!! :-D

  3. I have now posted thread photos clear through April 12th. :-)

  4. Been a medium warmish, moderately sunny day. After weeks of cold bitter gray, really feels lovely. And another promised for tomorrow!

  5. Had a lovely surprise for tea today, homemade cranberry-orange scones with clotted cream. Well, homemade from a mix. But, sometimes even from a m ix don't turn out. These did though, lovely and light. Listener, Mum said the mixes came from King Arthur Flour in Vermont, gluten-free and "really bery healthy". Tasty too. She got several varieties, so that's something to look forward to.

    1. Thanks, Cat!

      King Arthur Flour is excellent, so I'm not surprised their mixes are too. When I lived on the east side of VT, I knew the CEO's wife...very good folks indeed!

  6. After tea, I was talking to Sally and Campion and suddenly started to cry, thinking about poor little Mr. Tom. It really was quite horrible. We all miss him and feel just awful about what happened. There must have been some better solution...

    The vet said we did the best we could. I s'pose that's true, but even so... I wish we could have kept him. Sometimes life sucks! Quite a lot of the time life sucks, actually, what with one thing and another. I haven't been feeling well the past few days. No doubt that contributes to my depression over losing Tom.

    1. Great big ol' Tom Kitty HUG!! <3

      Maybe as a memorial you can include him as a character in one of your books and give him some special deed to do that turns the plot.

      =^. .^=