Monday, February 25, 2013

Cacti (It's not snow)


  1. Well, I'm guessing by perusing the record that Howard is still first!

    Megan said that Tanner slept most of yesterday, but chemo's done, and she's hoping *forever*! Don't blame her -- what she and the child have been through really beggars imagination.

    We have a cool clear day today, I'm going to town for shopping since I'm out of nearly everything, and the next three days are scheduled for more ice pellets and snow. . . Gonna skip/reschedule the blood draw and the doc's appt to warmer weather: *this* is nuts.

    1. I'm with Megan! May it be.

      "May it be an Evening Star shines down upon you"... (song by Enya)

      Seems to me that working to stay at home in icy weather is taking good care of your health! And I'd do that even with my awesome snow tires!

  2. Well, skipped town, lol! Neighbor offered to pick me up some stuff from local store, so let her. Still do have a big shopping trip in the future, but can delay it for a bit longer.