Thursday, January 24, 2013

Too cute!


  1. -13.6F here, so far.
    Randolph, VT is colder, though: -20F so far.

    Just figured out that I live 9 miles from the summit of Mount Mansfield! Never thought much about it, and I've been here 32 years. I can see the mountain from my house, just never did the math before. :-)

  2. Catreona1/23/2013 11:34:00 PM

    So, Renee, I'm confused. You and Demetrius each now have a new phone?
    We each have new second-hand phones. I found mine, a Sidekick that is actually an Android phone, on eBay. My brother, Paul, gave Demetrius his old iPhone.

  3. The phone I was using before this, was a T-Mobile Dash, which had been handed down from Paul to Demetrius to me. That phone was the bane of my existence. It would do things like initiate calls when I wasn't even touching it. The keyboard had gone all wonky too. I was actively fantasizing about how good it would feel to hit that phone with a hammer.

  4. "World Enough and Time" is provisionally finished. It's too long to post here though. I have a private blog, Words and Worlds, where I can post it.

    Puddle, you're already registered as a reader with your earthlink e-mail. If you want to use another, let me know so I can send you another invitation.

    Bill, I sent you an invitation. Erm, possibly more than one, since in typical fashion I didn't understand what was happening and why your n ame didn't show up immediately on the reader list.
    Alan, I learned my lesson and you only got one invitation.

    Renee, Listener, Susan, if you want access to the blog, e-mail me at so I can send you invitations.

    You'll have to log in I'm afraid.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Well, okay, not quite finished. Still need to work a bit with one important bloc of dialogue. But that can wait a while. Getting the thing onto the blog nearly drove me bonkers. Using a blog is one of those things you have to do regularly or you forget how.

    3. Thanks, Cat. When do you think you'll have it ready for reading? I'll be away this weekend for a memorial service two states away. It's (hopefully!!!) the last one for awhile; at least it's the last one I know about...for someone who died last year. So far no deaths of loved ones this year. Knock mahogany!!

  5. Cat~~ Yes, I got two invitations. Work is pretty much my #1 priority at the moment, but I expect to get there. (typo corrected)