Thursday, January 10, 2013

Kitties =^. .^= =^. .^=

We had to get Mizzen and Spinnaker a bigger bed!


  1. Howie's still the IT boy!

    Sweet pusses, listener--glad they're thriving.

    Woke, and knees much better, then made a wrong turn, left gave out, again. Back to go.


  2. Beginning to think that the knee thing has to do with tendons and/or ligaments. Woke feeling much better, made a wrong turn, and *felt* something slip/snap/boing.
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    Julie Li Courtesy of Mx Google, it appears that it may be: Popliteus tendinitis. Goody goody.
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    Julie Li NO ice. Keep warm. Don't move. NSAIDs.

    1. Guess that answers my question as to whether you're feeling better. Sorry to hear this, Puddle♥

    2. Oh wow. Sure. Just call for Room Service and let the maid tend things, right?

      Dat boy had better behave hisself!

      Have you got supplies? Any chance that your neighbour up the road can fetch some things for you? Can Son come this weekend to do a few chores?

      I know you know how to streamline. Picnic eat for a day or two and rest. When you have some mobility use it wisely. Would a walker help?

    3. To look at the silver lining: "When treated early, tendinitis usually resolves quickly."

  3. Yipes, puddle! "Don't move" is the really hard part. Sure hope it improves.

  4. Some day. Yesterday I worked extra hours so my coworker could go to a doctor visit with her dear ex-husband. It's official: on top of very serious heart issues, he has lung cancer. :-(
    So I offered to work tomorrow too, so she can go to a key appointment with him. I'm nice. Tired but nice. Ha!