Thursday, January 03, 2013

10th Day of Christmas


  1. D.E.A.N.!

    I thought of Howard on Weds as I passed the door of Judy's doctor office, which was also once Howard's doctor office. I think, Renee, I'd have a Deanfest #1 Renee-style response if Howard ever emerged as I was walking by (my eye doc's office is one flight up).

    Susan ... ditto message on New Year's thread.

    Cat ... Message on last thread for you. :-)

  2. Whoooaaa! Where did everybody go today?

    Hope everyone is okay. ♥

    I'm exhaustified after a day of appointments and work. Going to sleep deep and long tonight!

  3. I've been busy too. Only finished the smaller part of the work that came in. Mostly back and forth e-mails about several different things related to science fiction conventions. And went to the grocery store with Penny to help carry things home.

    Tomorrow we see that guy about setting up Penny's annuity.