Saturday, December 15, 2012

Here's Hoping your Hannukah was all De-light!

Rabbi on the Beach:


  1. Howard is first even on this gray, dirzzely day. But there's a book discussion coming up this afternoon, so it can't be all bad.

  2. Book discussions are the backbones of library patronage!

    It's super sunny here in New England. I love sunshine, though it's been pretty rough on my eye, as we've been driving from VT to ME.

    But, I am ten minutes away from ALL THREE granddaughters!!! :-D

  3. PS: The Hobbit is EXCELLENT!!!
    Best of all four!!!!

  4. I just created a petition with the tool at Avaaz. Let's hope it gets some traction.

    1. After the Supreme Court ruling, I don't know what restrictions, if any, could be placed on weapons ownership without violating the Constitution. Take the hypothetical example of a tactical nuclear weapon. That clearly falls into the category of "arms." Could possession be banned? Doesn't sound like it.

    2. The Supreme Court has been known, very occasionally, to reverse itself and admit it was mistaken.

      From a practical, political standpoint, extreme RW supporters of the NRA are more of an immediate and troublesome obstacle to commonsense fire arms legislation than the Supreme Court. There is a chance, however remote, that the Court might uphold the constitutionality of an assault weapons ban, either by actively reversing itself in this particular instance or by letting a lower court ruling stand. There seems no chance of a prayer in Hell that the NRA will see the commonsense of banning assault weapons for civilian use.

      It's the same extreme, stupid, intransigent attitude as Grover Norquist with his no tax increase under any circumstances. Sometimes it is prudent to raise taxes. And sometimes it is prudent to ban certain types of fire arms. Unwillingness to give a millimeter on either point is equally childish, though the NRA's absolute refusal to consider banning any type of gun is far more dangerous and frightening.

  5. Here's another Avaaz campaign, this one directed at the NRA: