Monday, November 19, 2012

Vermont's Causeway has reopened!!

The Causeway was badly damage by the high waters created by Irene last year.  Below is a photo of the damage, and a photo I took yesterday.  We went for a walk, not knowing if we'd get very far.  Turns out it was reopened just last week!  And it's better than ever.  I will be posting photos from our walk, this week. Enjoy!

Before Repairs:

After Repairs:


  1. My goodness! It's 3:15 here in the east, and no one has said that Howard's first?

  2. I tried, several times, but it just kept eating my firstie.

  3. Listener, Under the Dome is gruesome at the start, but I think once the setup is finished, it will prove interesting.

    After a while I moved on to Why Didn't They Ask Evans, another Agatha Christie, which is also shaping up nicely but is rather lighter, despite being a murder mystery.

    1. I don't believe I've heard of that particular Christie. I think I've read all of the Poirots and most of the Marples, but I know she had a few others.

  4. Funny how these games come up. I used the word "Pizazz" and then commented that it must be the only word with three Zs in English. That prompted my friend Ted to find a word that knocks "pizazz" into a cocked hat - Zenzizenzizenzic.

    I am very glad mathematical notation is more concise nowadays! But it's a splendid word.

  5. Egad, Cat--Even thinking about learning to spell that word is intimidating to at least the fourth degree!

    listener--the causeway was originally a railway bed, wasn't it?

    Nice weather today, and a nice day at work--I headed home just after sundown, and we could have dinner together. Nice indeed. Also no consulting work to take care of this evening, so I am being even lazier than normal. I don't see anything notable enough to share in the news, so will set to work on that Zenna Henderson anthology.



    1. Alan, it was indeed a railway bed! Well spotted!

      Cat, ah you can keep that one. I don't read gruesome.

      Sunny start to the day, then clouds here.
      Rain in my heart.