Friday, November 16, 2012

Ahhhh, Friday


  1. Jon Stewart: Obama's goodies bag for voters (video):

    How TV Killed the Republican Party's Family Values:

    [Not having watched any of the popular shows mentioned, I can't draw on personal experience, but it sounds reasnable. I should also suggest that nominating and electing a divorced Presidential candidate (Reagan) helped things along...]


    P.S.: Gotta get the active links template onto this computer...


  2. Cirque du Benghazi
    Nov 16, 2012
    Obama Administration

    First, anything having to do with David Petraeus gives me a headache. Just sayin’.

    Petraeus testified about Benghazi to a congressional panel today. All of the news stories about his testimony are quoting Peter King as their main source, which means it’s highly likely all the news stories are wrong.

    Regarding the Benghazi Buffoons — Apparently Club for Growth plans to “primary” Lindsey Graham next year, which accounts for why he and his bud John McCain are displaying their manliness by beating up Susan Rice. It’s to save Graham’s ass. See also “The Benghazi Circus.”

  3. Alan, I started long ago with the templates, but yanno, if you hand type it a few more times, it's sorta like riding a bicycle, lol! Your fingers just DO it. . . .

    Wanna know HOW long ago? jc taught me. . . .

  4. Replies
    1. WOW! Absolutely fascinating and even moving.

      And you know what? It leaves me thinking about 2016. I never manage to get involved this year. Lack of time, between work and Woldcon obligations, and that cruise and maybe the Disability Pride Parade. Will things be different four years from now?

      That's the year I turn 80. Might be a good year to really retire. Maybe, maybe not. But don't expect to do quite as much traveling. Don't currently expect to be working the 2016 Worldcon. And if I run access services at the 2015 Worldcon I will probably give up my position with the parade two years from now. So if my health holds up I may be out knocking on doors again. Or maybe doing something a bit more sedentary like data entry or sending e-mails.

      Then of course there's 2014. Right at the moment it's hard to guess what that will look like politically.

  5. Daughter's school is doing a production of Hamlet. Thursday was opening night, and the play is running through Sunday. D and I will be attending tommorrow night. She has two lines as a messenger--a role that the director decided was gender neutral. (Not a not of female characters in Hamlet.)

    1. Sounds good, Renee. Has she been well since that fainting spell the other day?

  6. We're adjusting to life without Emma and Esme, but it's hard, especially for Sis. Emma practically never left her side. But she seems to be holding up pretty well, all things considered.

    I finished 11-22-63 and can't praise it highly enough. Absorbing, intense novel.

  7. Renee--remember that in Shakespeare's time the female parts were played by boys; turnabout's fair play, eh?

    Yes, the article about the Obama tech team WAS interesting, although rather murky to me. What I noticed about the 2012 campaign was that they were even less interested in me, my vote, or my interests than before. Maybe they asked me for money five times (usually in ridiculous traditional "opinion surveys," and that was about it. But California is only a cash register, and the "Democratic" party continues to just write off this part of the state; the rest they take for granted. Howard Dean's fifty-state plan sounded like a good idea, but never got this far. Oh, well. It is possible the Dems in DC (including Obama and Reid) might eat their Wheaties for a change--we'll know along about January if not sooner.

    Time to go to bed--morning comes early.