Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It's Coming Down!

On Saturday we went for a foliage drive and on the way home we spotted two hot air balloons aloft.  One went down and pretty soon the other began to.  So we made chase!


  1. Howard's first, even when I'm the first one here.

    Looks like a warm day for mic-October. Not yet 9 a.m. and it's already 58 deg.

  2. Off to work shortly. I finally drove myself to start a modest exercise program, long overdue. Restoring my lower body strength and range of motion is the one significant remediable aftereffect of my surgeries.



  3. Well, I have a band of very hurty muscles all around my ribcage, from hip top to arm pit. Ack and ick. The runny nose sneezies are dying out, but the coughing/chest congestion remain.

    Did get to the local store this afternoon and got some cough medicine with an expectorant, so that should help some. Tired of this. Sleeping a lot though. Maybe too much?

    Mitt's face when called on a lie is priceless. The faces of his wife and family are to die from. What a crew. I think they all really thought that their money was going to make this an easy peasy blowout. After all, the prez IS a black kid, eh?

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    1. Nearly one person in a thousand has already said they like it! [grin]

  5. =♥puddle!♥= I don't like the idear of you having a mean cough. Good for you getting expectorant. (They don't make cough medicine like they used to, eh? ;-) ) If that doesn't do the trick, you can still buy Advil Cold & Sinus, as it's still and over-the-counter medicine. But you have to sign for it at the pharmacy, because it's often used in meth labs...!

    Take care!! XOXOXXX

  6. and over-the-counter = an over-the-counter