Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!! BOTH our kitties are HOME!!


  1. Howard Dean is First!

    Dads and Grandads are First today too!

  2. They remember each other!

    Mizzen weighs 15.90 ounces. Spinnaker weighs 32.02oz! So 1 Spinnaker = 2 Mizzens. It's hard to believe they're litter siblings!

    When they first saw each other they sniffed and circled each other a little, then Mizzen ran underneath between Spinnaker's front and back legs!! Two too funny!!

    When I heard today that the lab had the right med to cure Mizzen, I cried with relief! The medicine is having good effect! Mizzen is clearly on her way to wellness!! Hurrah!!!!

    After chowing down together, big sister and little sister have been romping around the house. Spinnaker is the instigator, but Mizzen does the math. Spinnaker took a swipe at Mizzen's hind foot, then walked off. Mizzen waited until Spinnaker wasn't looking, ran up behind her and swatted Spinnaker's hind foot. They ran all over the place with Mizzen in hot pursuit! Ha!

    Best of all, As Mizzen sat in my lap washing her face, Spinnaker came over and licked Mizzen's face to help! There is definite affection there.

    Now they are playing in and out of the cat tower. I'd say Spinnaker is the TaeKwonDo red belt, bobbing and weaving and putting on a show. While Mizzen is the TaeKwonDo black belt, conserving her energy and sending a well-placed jab as needed. We actually saw Mizzen counter one of Spinnaker's advances by leaping straight upward about 8"! It was hilarious!

    Spinnaker loooves the cat toys! Mizzen has been only passingly interested, but she's fascinated watching Spinnaker play.

    Even while being wild and crazy, Spinnaker will lick Mizzen's face on the way by. And Mizzen really loooves that.

    Spinnaker has really taken to "Grandad" too, doing fly-bys and purring. It's a good thing he knows how to fly a spinnaker! Ha!

    Plus, they are both great at purring!! We are super happy!

  3. listener, really happy that the kitties seem to be on the right road. A joy and a blessing! And the picture is totally, awesomely sweet!

  4. Hope Alan and Bill are having a nice Father's Day.

    1. Yes. My Father's Day present was a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. A very pretty bottle, which is why Marc and Penny picked it out. Penny misread the label's description of the flavor as having "hints of blackberry and plum" as meaning that those fruits had been used in making it, but that's just the way wine connoisseurs like to describe nuances of flavor.

  5. I am purely exhuastified! Company left at four, I got Beau in and we both napped until seven, had dinner, and am ready for bed. Can barely wiggle, lol! Beau, too.

    Hope you all had a wonderful Dads' Day.

    Under the wing.

  6. Mah*Sweetie had a nice Father's Day. While I went to an ordination*, Youngest and his Bride came over bringing brunch. Then I kitty-sat while they plus VT*Grand and her parents took him to pick the last ( ! ) strawberries of the season. After that, Root*Center*Son along with Youngest and his Bride went sailing. He had a blast.

    *The ordinand is someone who met with me for spiritual guidance for the first 7 years of her 14 year ordination process...! Some kind of record, maybe. Super happy event.

  7. So glad that Bill got nice loot.
    Betting Alan had a nice day too.

    puddle, the Moms work the hardest on Dad Day. Good on you. Rest up!

    Renee...remind me to tell you about my "deconsecration" moment during the ordination.
    Tired from kitten duty. Wild night potential is high.
    5 hours of driving on tap for tomorrow. Mah*Sweetie is going to work from home and "ride herd" on the kittens.

  8. You can say *that* in ALL CAPS, Cat! LOL! =^. .^=