Thursday, December 01, 2011

Welcome, December!


  1. Howie's it!!

    And today is World AIDS Day

  2. Pretty day: bright, sunny, and cold. Beau doesn't care: he's insisted on being out. . . . Need to make him a nest on the porch.

  3. Bright and sunny here. Overnight lows around freezing. Which looks cold compared to a month ago but won't a month from now.

  4. I want a nest on the porch too!

    But I have to go to the Book Mine where we are expecting a wild evening...
    BOTH a book author for the adults and a big Family Story Time with craft....

    Thinking of Rene today, and my friend Mark Doty (who lost his partner to AIDS). ♥

  5. Yeah, Thankful and Rene on my mind this morning. . . . Talked to her last night -- she survived Thanksgiving, lol! Love that woman. Do.

  6. Called the docs ~~

    2:00 -- so got the nephro DI satellite disk x2
    2:10 -- ditto x1
    2:30 -- ditto x1
    3:00 -- They've sent their part; now it takes two or three weeks to hear back from UVA

    She'll call tomorrow and see if they've read/reviewed records. Will call again tomorrow.


  7. I *hate* it's getting dark so early! Just three more weeks till the reversal!

  8. It does seem wierd to go check the mail at 5 pm and it's pitch dark. (Mail still hasn't come -- and I'm expecting a check today.) But what I really hated was when I had to be up at 6:30 to be at work by 9 and it was dark almost until I left the house.

    Then there was the Christmas I spent in Ketchikan, Alaska. The next day driving my rental car out to a paper mill to do a 9 a.m. interview and had the headlights on. Helped me realize why alcholism is such a problem in Alaska (and Ketchikan isn't even that far north).

  9. Well said!

    26 degrees at the moment...where's my snow?

  10. Isn't there such a thing as emergent priority with these people??!!! Grrrr!

    We need a National Nurse!!
    BTW, Rep. Peter Welch, D-VT did indeed sign on again to co-sponsor the National Nurse Act!
    It's going forward again with new main sponsor(s)...!

  11. What they really need is better indoor lighting that brightens things up during normal "daylight" hours there.

  12. * I can never decide which I love more...stars or snowflakes. *

  13. My Aunt, and several of my cousins spent thirty years in Fairbanks. They said for most of December and January the sun rose at about 11 and set at one. I was there August and September -- I remember driving through Tok at one in the morning (we were almost "home") and seeing the date age kids sitting in cars in front of homes, necking, in broad daylight, lol! By the middle of September before I left, sunrise/sunset was about at the six o'clock mark. None of this measly 1 and a half minute increments that we get, grin.

  14. Tok, AK:
    December 1, 2011 Rise: Set:
    Actual Time 9:46 AM AKST 2:55 PM AKST
    Civil Twilight 8:37 AM AKST 4:04 PM AKST
    Nautical Twilight 7:32 AM AKST 5:09 PM AKST
    Astronomical Twilight 6:34 AM AKST 6:06 PM AKST
    Moon 12:50 PM AKST (12/1) 11:58 PM AKST (12/1)
    Length Of Visible Light: 7h 27m
    Length of Day
    5h 09m
    Tomorrow will be 4m 32s shorter.

  15. I have been to Fairbanks three times--drove once, flew twice. My brother was stationed there, at Fort Wainwright. It did seem a bit odd (during the summer) to wake up to full daylight, chirping birds, look at one;'s watch and see it was 2:00 AM. I gather some folks just can't adjust to it.