Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The Vermont Recount 2010: Gubernatorial Race

Here are four of the five Democratic candidates for Governor:
Susan Bartlett, Doug Racine, Peter Shumlin, Deb Markowitz. Matt Dunne could not be present at this event. But all five are united and have been amiably campaigning together against the Republican challenger, while the very close election results are recounted. The presumptive nominee is Peter Shumlin. 1/4 of one percent behind him in votes (192 votes) is Doug Racine. To win, a simple majority is all that is required. I remain hopeful that Doug will turn out to have the most votes. I'd cross my fingers and toes, but that could make the counting go slower. I'll be helping to recount the vote in Chittenden County. Send us your best vibes!!

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  1. Howard's first!

    And tender counting mercies, listener!