Monday, September 20, 2010

It's Monday. Do you know where your star is?


  1. Believe I saw that star shining just over Howard's shoulder. . . .

  2. It's not quite Monday out here yet; the full moon is somewhat past the meridian and Jupiter is a little to the east of it. The brightness of Jupiter isn't so obvious with the full moon so near, but bright it is.

    Got our new iMac all set up to please, now having problems with the old Mac tower. Seems startup problems after leaving old ones unplugged for a while are not unknown...

    Friend coming to visit from Japan, so got a bunch of extra cleaning done.

    Work has been going nuts...

    Miyoko wanted to be able to transfer YouTube videos to DVD to show her language students; I figured out a way to capture them, change them to the right format for a DVD player, and burn them to disk. The capturing is a little hit and miss, but with persistence works well enough.

    Sorry to be absent lately, but things intervene...

    Good thoughts to all, and to all a good night.

  3. Wow, Alan, you're a genius! Now, if you figure out how to capture video off a DVD so it can be made into a YouTube compatible "movie," I'd be most interested in hearing how.

  4. Beautiful Fall day here!

  5. Hallo all!

    Alan...Sounds like your life is very full and fruitful these days!

    I too have been busy. Today I gave the house a spruce using some grease from Elbownia. Susan, you got me scrubbing and I thought of you as I scrubbed around the toilet. LOL!

    Then I went outside and planted the rest of my Mums. Then Son*who*is*4th*child came by and helped me plant a Silky Dogwood bush. That involved taking out the errant Red Osier Dogwood I was sold last year, rotating last year's Silky Dogwood 120 degrees and moving it to where the Red was, then planting the new Silky where last year's Silky had been. (You all got that, right? LOL!) Anyway, I now finally have two SIlky Dogwoods together and the Red Osier is looking for a home. I figure one of the kids will want it. Silky Dogwood is a native species here, so we're happy to have them!

    Then I came in and made dinner and just took an apple crisp out of the oven. As my friend Dory would say, "My dogs are tired."

  6. Just wanted to mention on the Star thread that Ally has a star. It was specially chosen for her and her Great Aunt Janet (Hubby's younger sister) got her astronomers (at the Museum she runs) to take a photo of it with their huge telescope, for Ally. Ally even has the coordinates, so she knows where her star is! 8-)

  7. Missed most of my day, lol! Didn't get to bed (and sleep) till after two this afternoon, so just hitting my stride now. But likely to fade early since I only got six hours of sleep after 36 hours up.

  8. Good grief, Puddle!

  9. Well, went to bed at four, but despite being tired, tossed and turned, so got up again. Cleaned up the computer, though. I prolly should get a schedule for disk check, disk cleanup, ccleaning, defragging, and the like. Had to defrag twice, lol! Anyways, by the time I *did* get back to bed, I sure slept good.