Tuesday, July 13, 2010

When a green leaf falls...

Watched this green leaf fall from its tree under a calm sky. Why?


  1. Here's to Howard the Firstliest!

    We drove up to San Mateo Friday night, then Saturday and Sunday worked getting Grainfully*Employed*Artist*Daughter moved. Rented a U-Haul truck, carted most of her stuff from old to new apartment (on second floor), and along the way bought her some furniture (most to be delivered next Saturday and a TV set (she preferred the Samsung LCD picture to the Sony too, listener). Everybody got tired and a bit stressed out, but we got the job done. (Our moving muscles are still talking to us...) Miyoko had a job as a court interpreter a couple of counties away this morning (Monday) and I took the day off from work, so drove on the way up. We were mostly lazy until getting a bit of yard work done in the early evening.

    Naomi's new apartment looks really fine; older apartment complex (circa 1950), but well maintained and updated. New paint, clean albeit not brand new carpet, generally new fixtures (original enameled stainless steel kitchen cabinets), double-paned windows, seems well insulated. Cross ventilation, lot of natural light. (Her old apartment was quite the cave.) Plaster walls & ceiling. Lots of greenry outside the windows, etc. Neighbors seem OK. Outstanding location--renders a car superfluous. Object lesson: lots of bad reviews online, some good ones. The bad ones seem quite dubious. Had the same experience in another connection once--a particular business had mostly terrible online reviews, but our experience was fine. Beware of malcontents writing reviews.

    Tuned up our old Mac G4 tower, which was slowing down. Have my eye on a new iMac, but waiting for a new version, which might be coming this month. Maybe even tomorrow.


  2. Oops!

    Grainfully*Employed = Gainfully*Employed


    ...along the way bought her some furniture (most to be delivered next Saturday) and a TV set...

    and thus to bed.

  3. Alan, sounds like daughter's been successfully launched wit' da help of da mama and da papa. Great fun playing with the kiddles after they've grown, eh?

    Another green and gray slightly warmish day. Not complaining. Lotsa rain on the table for this week. Much needed rain.

    Talked for two whole hours with the hunny yesterday. While he's not recovering as fast as he wishes, and while there are set backs from time to time, *on the whole* he's progressing very nicely, thank you powers that be. And we had a lovely time just chatting, laughing, telling stories, remembering. Blessed, really.

  4. I kind'a liked grainfully employed. Glad to hear all went well!

  5. Awh. *hug* Puddle. Sounds very nice. You're a lucky lady.

  6. Still mightily confused about my song. I worked out how to turn on the metronome in Cakewalk, thinking that would help me track down the problem. And, sure enough, the beat is off in a couple of places. Did determine that the time signature is not 6/8, though I didn't seriously think it was in the first place. Can't understand why I'm having such a hard time with this. It doesn't seem very difficult; but, it's totally blowing my mind, makes me tired and confused pretty quickly. Ah, well. We shall persevere.

  7. On the News Hour tonight, Jim was talking to the new political editor, David something, who mentioned in the course of the discussion that in '06 and '08 the Democrats made gains. Well, duh. In '06 and '08 Howard was chair of the DNC. Now it's back to being run by incompetent boobs and we're back to being a herd of unrangleable cats. And we're going to lose...again. What's so hard to understand? Howard's way is the right way. He got things done. You want to get things done, you do things Howard's way. Which part of that do the idiots running the party not understand?

  8. Um, I'd say ALL of it.

    "unwrangleable cats"

    I liked the way you said that.

  9. Very glad to hear that Hunny is progressing well (all things considered), puddle!

    Nice to think of you two having a lovefest via phone too. ♥

  10. Naomi must have a good eye, having chosen the Samsung. ;-)
    Good for you two helping her make her way! It sounds like a fun sort of day,
    and so good to see her in nicer digs.

    I got up early and did a lot of work in the gardens, as we had 70's today!
    Twenty degrees less than last week! I got part-way caught up in the gardens.
    But then I needed to go to work, so I came home with aching feet.

    I put in a full day, but have a lot to show for it.

  11. Son*in*Maine sent this story about Eldest*Granddaughter (the same one that saw Taylor Swift)...

    Pulling on to Route 1 last night when a little voice pipes up from the back seat in a very disapproving tone: "Daddy you drove through that red light!" I tried to explain the concept of right-turn-on-red, but I am pretty sure she thought I was making it up to get out of trouble.

    :-D LOL!