Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Support your local candidate!


  1. I remember supporting a local candidate named Howard Dean!
    Now he be ever first!

  2. ...less than two months until it's springtime in Australia

    Hi Bill! Did you know that while we in the northeast of the USA were bearing record setting high temps, Australia had record setting low temps? While we had 93+Farenheit, they had 6.4 Celsius.

    I feel very much toward the weather that i feel toward religion and politics. I prefer not to have to experience the radical extremes, preferring some moderation. :-)

  3. Bill Thomasson7/07/2010 12:36:00 AM

    <checkle.wav> Well, I don't know. I spent nine years in Southern California and frankly found the weather boring. I was glad to get back to where there were real seasons.

    But to a chicagoan -- or, I'm sure, a Vermonter -- 44 F isn't particularly frigid.</checkle.wav>

  4. It's all relative to what you're used to.

    And I do not ever want to get used to 95 degrees by day! I'd rather have minus-20! At least you can always add more layers. You can only take layers off just so far. LOL!

  5. Well how about this? The heat wave here in the Northeast is today's main blog post story at Weather Underground's TROPICAL page!

  6. Ally update at baby ~~

  7. Only got about 88º today. . . . Rick's got 98º in Alexandria, with a heat index of 105º!! But at least DC peeps have A/C.

    Though I was reminded on my stay in DC, that we never had A/C in that house till after I moved out. Window fans at night, and closing and curtaining in the day. I'm surprised we all survived it, lol!

    A story about Changsha (one of China's Three Furnaces). I friend of mine was teaching there, and by mid April was down to tee shirts and shorts. He noticed his interpreter was still wearing a tee shirt and long underwear. He asked how wise was that? His interpreter said: Well, come June and it gets *really* hot, what are you going to take off?

  8. Thank-you, puddle! ♡

  9. That's a pretty mean heat index! Ours is "only" 96 at the moment. It's 94 degrees here with 41% humidity. Bad enough.

  10. We thought we'd get out from the fans and go get some AC, but the new Village Cup restaurant in town just has fans! At least they have wifi and we're getting a cool meal. We won't stay long, though.

  11. Two things that I, in my longish life, didn't know:

    (1) “Electric fans may provide comfort, but when the temperature is in the high 90s, fans will not prevent heat-related illness.”,

    (2) Deaths from heat waves are "more than all of the deaths due to lightning, flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes."

    Yesterday an environmentalist friend told me that the air conditioning units available today are not like the earlier models. They don't deplete the ozone like they used to. I also didn't know that! If you consider all the electricity used for fans and extra use of the refrigerator, and the water used for extra showers, there’s a possibility that a simple AC unit, used in a closed off room may be more environmentally friendly than the alternative.

    Take care out there!

  12. Home again. What a scorcher! Burlington VT now has 99.6 degrees (got up to 100.3 or more today) with humidity at 51%, heat index of 111~!!! And son lives on the second floor without AC.

  13. Rick now has 101.1º and a heat index of 110º ~~ phew!!

    I didn't make quite to 90º and it's 78º in here as I type. That mountain that blocks the southern exposure is quite nice sometimes. . . . Not quite so much in January, lol!

  14. Ahhh I'm glad you have a cooling mountain, puddle.
    It was hard to see our mountain today since the haze is so bad.

    Check out the hazecam:
    (Be sure to scroll down to see the same view on a good day!)

    The top of Mount Mansfield broke a record..79 degrees up there today.

  15. Wow! Very gunky. Try not to breathe. . . .