Tuesday, July 27, 2010

House Wren in my yard

Still adding sticks to its nest during the storm.


  1. Howard Dean is first!

    Please sign on to cosponsor the (campaign finance) DISCLOSE ACT
    You can call the Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121 to ensure your Senators support the DISCLOSE Act (S. 3295).

  2. Checking in after a long weekend; Helped finish up Gainfully*Employed*Daughter's move, and got tuckered out. Got about 80% of the cleaning for her old apartment taken care of, left the remainder for her roommate. Moved the rest of Naomi's stuff and took care of some odds and ends at her new apartment. The walls at her new place (built around 1950) are plaster, not wallboard. Had to drill holes for drapery rods and to secure bookcases, and that stuff was HARD! Probably should have used a masonry bit, but didn't bring one with me. When she moves we will pull out the wall anchors, fill and smooth the holes. Did same at the old place. Bathtub at the new place could be original--cast iron, no anti-slip features. So last thing we did was make sure she got a bathtub mat. Alligator design--cute! Today she got her Internet hooked up. Internet via the cable company--and basic cable TV comes with the apartment rent.

    Weather here not too bad during the day, and pretty nice in the early evening. Naomi says it is allegedly the coolest July on record in San Mateo. [Or the SF Bay Area?]

    Cat--toes crossed on your submission!

    puddle--your 63-year old friend's case strikes pretty close to home, me being 63 and all. Things continue to look good here health-wise. Docs don't dare use the word cure, but I do. I got off darn easy.

    Yay, Demetrius! And Renee!

    Not sure if this belongs in the "Technology Will Save Us" column or in the "Too Good To Be True" column. We report, you decide:


  3. Gotta gator in your tub?


    And it seems sure now that the updated iMacs will be available within the next few weeks, probably within the month. Not clear what the new features will be, although probably not major. I am hoping for a 21.5-inch quad core.

  4. Hi Alan, glad you survived the weekend. Hey, what are dads for? *grin* Thanks for the good thoughts.

  5. Ally's candle page:


    Charlie's candle page


  6. Bill Thomasson7/27/2010 12:16:00 PM

    One sentence is too good to be true: "More astoundingly, if the technology were implemented at scale, atmospheric carbon dioxide levels would reportedly be returned to pre-industrial levels in about a decade." The process produces carbon-based fuels that, when burned, will return the CO2 to the atmosphere. The overall process is at best carbon-neutral. But a carbon-neutral sources of easily portable transportation fuel is itself good news.

  7. Great news, Renee! ♥ Wish Demetrius luck and give him a hug from me.

  8. Hey, wow! They published my note on the Engelbert community forum. I missed it when it was on the front page, but it's on Page 2. You can tell it's me, the writing is so stiff. Most people gush. Not me. Being nervous has the opposite effect on yours truly. Oh well, at least it makes me easy to spot even if you don't recognize my handle.


  9. Cat, I thought it was sweet!

    Renee, I recall seeing the admin star for several hours one day (with no idea how to use it, lol!) and then it disappeared. Go figure. Not really needed though, as long as I have it for the main page, which I do.

    Face book is keeping me exhausted right now. Bigger task than I imagined when you have a family the size of mine!

    Barely got on this morning and my grandson started to IM with me, lol! Asked him about the weather, he said HOT! Asked if Kenya hadn't been hotter? Nope: winter there, lol! Duh on grammie!

  10. puddle, the way to control Facebook is to limit your time there. Just go over for a half hour a couple times a day. You'll be able to keep up with a quick read-through. It is FUN though! Are you able to see the photo albums okay with Dial up? How is it?

  11. Thanks, Puddle.

    Ah, yes. Facebook is a time sink and no mistake. Of all the "friends" whose feeds show up on my home page, I usually only actually read a handful: my sister, Glass Hammer (the best Progressive Rock band in the known universe), and a few others. It's just too overwhelming to try to keep up with *everybody*. Of course, I do have the advantage of only being related to one of these people, and she does not encourage me to participate in her discussion threads. It must be hard when everybody wants a piece of you.

  12. Right now, spending most of my time trying to get my relatives all in line, lol! My mother died in 1999, with forty two granchildren. . . now almost all of them are in the process of becoming parents themselves, so have mates as well as babies. Then there are Dean peeps. And several places I blog. Puddle/puddleriver wooby/woobytoodsday and me are all joining up. When that's done, mebbe I can take a break. Many peeps need catching up on, so lots of messaging going on behind the scenes.

    Pictures are great! facebook must have some *mighty* servers, fastest loading I've gotten on the nets, evah!

  13. Ya. Edwin had and *beat* stage four. But the cost of beating it, surgery, radiation, chemo pretty much set him up for what did finally kill him. Radiation most of all. But: he said when he first looked at it on the Xrays, it looked like a huge black dragon coiled around his gut. I was always very grateful he'd fought so hard, and hung around so we could be together.

    And yep, you did good, and I'm very glad. You are dear to me.