Friday, June 11, 2010


The Astilbe that got nipped by frost last month is sending up new shoots!


  1. Because Howard Dean is No. 1, he doesn't have to dress in borrowed feathers.

    listener--of course political "consultants" commonly resort to personal puffery, but the line you quoted from Joe's web site does seem rather too much. I figure he was not without his virtues, but I hold his telling stories out of church against him.

    I can certainly understand BP's corporate reluctance to agree to a high number for the oil spill, since the civil penalties can be up to $4300 per barrel:

    BTW, that is thanks to another Joe--Lieberman. That's something to think about.

  2. Alan, I agree. I know Trippi developed a strong fan base of his own, but he started thinking it was all about him and forgetting that Howard was the reason we were at the table. My personal opinion is that Joe spent money pretty fast and loose. Howard became a front runner because he spoke the truth and said things that so many of us were feeling but had no platform to express. Not because Joe put him in front, but because Howard put *himself* in front because he spoke for those of us who could not.

    And I particularly disliked the way Joe became a Diva and made it "all about Joe" when he quit. All because he insisted on being the star of the production rather than a supporting player.

    If Joe has ever taken a candidate to a win I'm not aware of it. I understand listener's feelings because I would have the same reaction. In fact, I had that reaction when Obama appointed Rahm as COS. I heard an audible slap as my checkbook slammed shut and an audible thump as I jumped off the Obama train. Now I'm bipartisan. I hate both parties.

  3. Bill Thomasson6/11/2010 11:45:00 AM

    According to another Reuters story today, independent experts are placing total flow from the well at 20,000 to 40,000 barrels/day. BP is currently capturing 16,000 barrels/day -- triple its previous estimate of total flow.

    I personally do not expect these penalties to be levied if BP follows through on its promise to pay ALL cleanup costs and economic damages. But the threat will be a stick to make sure it keeps its word.

  4. Bill Thomasson6/11/2010 02:25:00 PM

    All I can say is that I think Trippi's handling of Howard's campaign was far better than Mark Penn's handling of Hilary Clinton's campaign. As an Obama supporter, I am grateful for Penn's incompetence.

  5. Ally update at baby!

  6. So, if we take the low estimate of 20,000 barrels per day, then at 16,000 barrels per day of capture, BP is doing a fine job indeed. Of course, if we take the high estimate of 40,000 barrels, well, it isn't. *sigh*

  7. *sad smile* I'm pretty much with you, Susan. A pox on both their houses.

    On the other hand, this Tea Party nonsense has gone far enough. Being Dean Democrats means showing party unity; not being blindly loyal, mind you, but supporting our own. For all the differences I myself have had with Harry Reed, I can't just stand by and watch a Tea Party candidate take his seat. The thought of one of those unmitigated idiots becoming a United States senator makes me physically sick!

    And then there's California. Carlie Fiarina(sp?) is now the R candidate challenging Barbara Boxer. Boxer is unquestionably one of the good guys. I'd hate to see her lose her seat to anyone, especially to this particular oponent. I mean, getting fired from being the head of HP isn't exactly my idear of qualification for becoming a senator. Meanwhile, Jerry Brown who is without doubt my favorite politician in the whole world after Howard is facing another of these Tea Party clowns.

    And, of course, we need to support Dennis, my third and final favorite politician.

    If I can remember how, I'm going to create an Act Blue page for Arty.

  8. "Now I'm bipartisan. I hate both parties."

    That made me smile, Susan, albeit ruefully.
    I appreciated your comments regarding Trippi. I feel so inarticulate about this,
    and you spoke for me, saying what I could not. Very Dean of you! ♥

  9. Thanks, puddle!!! ♡

    I can feel Ally's Mom's tension from here. My heart goes out to my dear niece (Ally's Mom) as she faces the Huge Uncertainties of this week. Puts everything else into perspective.

  10. Hmmm, no more hearts here?
    My apologies; I'm pretty sure I used them all up.

  11. Ya. Me, too. Don't know how they'd go through the whole thing again. So much courage, so much love. ♥

  12. Computer froze up so I had to reboot. I hate that.

    However, I got the ActBlue page started and the contribution thingy put up at Arty. So, that's good. But, for some reason ActBlue wouldn't accept the contribution I tried to make earlier this afternoon. So, that's annoying. You know, some of these little things are such that they make you wonder if it's just that you're going mad or something. And, I'm still headachy and generally feeling, hmmm, not good. But, supper is bound to help...

  13. Bill Thomasson6/11/2010 07:43:00 PM

    Hot, humid day here, although with a bit of a breeze.

    Ironny is that there is an uninstalled air conditioner sitting on the radiator right in front of where I would normally put the window fan. But the air conditioner can't be installed until we get a new window installed, which looks like it's not going to happen this year. And there's no good place to move the air conditioner. My office it getting full of stuff, most of it mine.

  14. Well, as long as it's yours, that's all right then. *grin* You don't need to get seriously worried till other people's stuff starts crowding you out.

    I'm sorry you're having the hot, humid weather. It must be the beastly weather we had recently. But, it's been cool, sometimes downright chilly, here and mostly sunny. Very pleasant weather on the whole. I suppose the hot humids will come back eventually, more's the pity. I like warm, not hot.

  15. Brief update on Ally at baby. . . .

  16. Thanks, puddle.

    I'm feeling worried about our little Ally.
    If her fever persists, that postpones NYC.

    Anything postponed, when it comes to treatments,
    is a bad sign.

  17. On the plus side, it seems that our ♥ ♡ do eventually pop in, in place of the ascii code! Ha!

  18. Hubby and I dug up a honkin' big lilac today to take to Daughter's house tomorrow. It is an Aunt Evelyn Lilac!! After trying a wheelbarrow, then a wagon, we resorted to a sturdy plastic sled with two pony ropes (we were the ponies). We got it as far as the back gate of the truck but then it got too dark to see. Tomorrow after work we'll carefully bind the branches in cloth and twine and see if we can coax it into the back of the pickup. Heh. Then we'll see about tucking in around it all the violets and irises, and the bit of lily of the valley, lupine and crown vetch that I dig out of our gardens to bring. Then we'll lumber over to Daughter's, laughing all the way (well, being laughed at all the way, no doubt! Ha!). Might take us a tad longer than we thought to get there! LOL!

  19. Good luck with your horticultural adventures, listener--don't overdo.

    Being lazy tonight--will get to work tomorrow morning doing some stuff in the yard.

    Cat--I figure Barbara Boxer has earned my vote; no question there. As for Jerry Brown, it is odd--he has not made any argument at all for why anyone should vote for him, so far as I have been able to discover. If he doesn't provide any reason at all to vote for him, there is no doubt that my vote for Governor of California will be going to Laura Wells.

  20. Thanks. I hear you, Alan. So far [knock mahogany] neither of us has pulled a muscle. ;-)

    Sure hope you get some relief from the humidity soon.

  21. I stand corrected; Jerry Brown has finally given some idea of what he proposes to do (which I consider tantamount to giving a reason why we should vote for him):

  22. I'm not sure whether I'll be on computer this weekend.
    We get back Monday night, possibly late.

    I'd hate to leave you all hanging on Ally's news, though!
    I'll probably bring my computer along, just incase.

    Peace and Hope. ♡