Monday, June 28, 2010

36 Years

Hubby and I turn 36 today. :-) Ours was a candlelight ceremony, so it began at 8:45pm.


  1. Howard's first, and listener and her squeeze are, too!!

    Wow! You're closer to golden than to honeymoon. Well done!!

  2. That's a good start.

  3. RIP Robert, you will be missed. For a very long time.

  4. Congratulations listener and hubby.

  5. Happy Aniversary, listener and Hubby♥


  6. Computer was down this afternoon and evening. Dad got it working again round about 8:30, and I've been trying ever since to get Fire Fox or Sea Monkey to open or to get the talking browser to work on more than a couple of pages. Failing that, I am currently using the dreaded IE, which works fine as far as it goes, which isn't very far but further than the talking browser, just. *sigh* It claims to have imported my Favoriits from Fire Fox, but there is no sign of them. It wants me to log in here, but tells me that cookies are deactivated while giving no indication, anywhere, of where and how to activate them. ARG!

    However, I am grateful to be here at all! Felt terribly isolated this afternoon.

  7. Fire Fox is back and I appear to be logged in. Phew!!!

  8. I liked the way you said that! :-D

  9. Yeah, sooo sad. I thought of you immediately, puddle, upon hearing the news this morning. ♥

  10. {{ { Cat! } }} So glad you're here....and Thanks! :-)

  11. Thanks everyone!! We have had a wonderful day ... and still are. We went out for Italian food, took a walk along the shore in Shelburne, got ice cream cones and saw the movie Letters to Juliet [which we highly recommend as a good date movie!]. ♥♥

  12. Hey, Cat, this appears to be the month of dud computers, lol! Welcome back.

  13. My ex (the first, the one I've been divorced from for almost forty years) called, and was worrying about some minor surgery he's got coming up. Kept on about it for a while, so I said: you're wanting me to come up (4 hour drive) and take you, eh? How did you know? Men. Gotta love 'em. I'm going, tomorrow. Be back late Wednesday or Thursday.

  14. Thanks! Being cut off made me feel terribly isolated and somehow incomplete. Guess that means I spend too much time on the computer in general and on the inner tubes in particular.

    Did you get all your updates downloaded and installed?

  15. Traveling mercies, Puddle.

  16. My goodness, puddle. You are incredibly nice to do that for your wayyy-back-ex. My hat is off to you. Now you drive safe, okay? You are entirely indispensable!

    Godspeed! ♥

  17. Speaking of Mac got down to ZERO available space, but today I finally figured out how to truly delete photos from iPhoto and free up some disk space. I first copied all the photos over to a new external hard drive, of course. I should be able to download all my latest photos tomorrow! Hurrah!

  18. Na. I think it's going to take weeks. I left the computer on all night, hooked up to earthlink, but not even a browser to distract the downloading, and only got 15 installed this morning.

  19. He wuz a pretty good ex ~~ never played around with the child support, was always there when he was supposed to be for the kids. Scotty's often brought him along for work weekends here as a helper, and he's never complained. So, hey.

    Wrote this for him/about him a couple of years ago. . . .

    Darth Grandfather

    My child and his children gone
    back to the grid city, grid life
    Noting the mowing of my beach by his father:
    daisies ruthlessly destroyed, but young bull thistles

    left ~~ when questioned he says: You didn't ask
    to save the daisies. So much for what is able
    to be left unsaid. And I remember once again
    why we are no longer partners. The sheer exhaustion of

    needing to explain again and again each to the other
    the magnitude of importance of daisies
    or from the other side, of puts and calls; and
    never any unspoken meeting of a mind on either side, ever.

    And one lesson learned, and noted wryly:
    keep machetes out of the hands of
    Wall Street.
    Or suffer the consequences

    8 July 2008