Saturday, June 10, 2006

Helping Charlie--this story needs "legs"!

Update: I have diaries posted at Daily Kos, Booman Tribune and My Left Wing. Please recommend if you can. You can find the latest from Charlie in the comments below, or here.

Help protect democracy in Alachua, Florida. Donate to the Charlie Grapski defense fund.

From the overnight thread:

Nearly half way to $5,000 ($2,251.47). I am so thankful for all of your efforts. I cannot tell you how much this community means to not only me - but to the future of this country.

Thanks so much,


(I am going to try and get some sleep now - night - you've given me the greatest birthday present I could imagine - your support - I truly appreciate that.)

Charlie Grapski

Folks, we need to do better than that. I know the people reading this care and are giving what they can, but obviously we can only give so much. So we need to keep our thinking caps on and keep working to figure out who else to contact--because this story needs "legs". I know there is a wider audience that cares about challenges to election integrity *wherever* it happens, and objects to the immoral use of intimidation by city officials against private citizens.

This Kos diary never made the recommended list, but there's lots of good stuff there, including supportive comments, so it's worth checking out:
Urgent plea for help from honest-elections activist

Also from the overnight thread, some suggestions of possible people to contact...

Truthouts' Managing Editor Scott Galindez

Democracy Now

Keith Olbermann

Ring of Fire, hosted by Robert R. Kennedy, Jr. is on Air America Radio today from 5-7 pm Eastern time. Given Robert's recent article in Rolling Stone about the 2004 election, he seems like someone with a natural interest in stories like this one.

And thanks to Jo in Vermont for pointing out this article that appeared in the Gainesville Sun: Complaints filed against Grapski, another man

I know there were other great suggestions in the overnight thread, but I need to head to my water aerobics class now. I certainly didn't mean to slight anyone by leaving anything out--please feel free to repost any suggestions in the comments below.

Charlie's address, in case the media expresses an interest:

Update: For some background on Charlie, I've tracked down the links to the "DFA Summer Session" for which Charlie Grapski guest blogged in the summer of 2005.

DFA Summer Session: Introduction to The Federalist Papers
DFA Summer Session: Federalist 10
DFA Summer Session: Federalist 47
DFA Summer Session: Federalist 48
DFA Summer Session: Federalist 49
DFA Summer Session: Federalist 50
DFA Summer Session: Federalist 51

Also, here's some national attention the story has gotten already:
The Dirty South (in LA City Beat)
"Down in Florida, where the next president will probably be selected, politics are as loose and corrupt as ever" By ANDREW GUMBEL

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