Saturday, March 25, 2006

Happy birthday, Oscar!

Looking at the overnight thread, I was struck by how many HEPs are either on the road or somehow in transition. Denise just moved into her new digs, and jc is in the process of moving. Donna is away from Evanston visiting her son, and listener checked in from Frankfort, on her way to Scotland. And is Thankful still Thankful*on*the*road? She was last time I checked.

One thing I really love about this blog community is the way that we can check in at here no matter where we are physically--a virtual "home away from home".

And even when life is too busy for some of us to find the time to check in, they are still with us in spirit. Thank you, jc, for reminding us that today is Oscar's birthday. I miss Oscar's daily dose of cartoons now that he is working too many hours to have time for that (and still finding time to volunteer for a local candidate). But, like many of you, I am thankful that he does stop by when he has the chance, and occasionally even treats us to cartoons when he has a day off.

Also, for anyone who might not be aware of this, for the 2004 election, Oscar created a handout entitled "Why Evangelical Christians Must Vote Against George W. Bush".

Happy birthday, Oscar, and thank you for all you do. We miss you, and we're leaving the light on for you. :-)

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