Thursday, February 09, 2006

Hackett's grassroots reception/grand opening in Columbus

Before moving on to the transcript, take a look at this post about personal fundraising pages at the DNC blog. Obviously, the one on the right fits well with what we're talking about here. Would anyone here, *other than me* like to volunteer to set one of those up? (There's also a Kos diary by Tim about this new fundraising tool.)

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On to Paul Hackett's appearance in Columbus...

I wasn't sure I'd be able to attend, but at the last minute I decided to head over to the grassroots reception and grand opening of the Paul Hackett campaign headquarters in Columbus. A number of people have done write-ups, and you can find links to those, as well as to the audio of Hackett's speech, at the Hackett for U.S. Sentate blog. Below, I have written up the transcript of Paul's speech.

Any Democrats in the house? (Cheers and applause)
All right, here we go! Here's the good news: in 2006, we can win, and we can win big in the state of Ohio. Now why is that important? Because the state of Ohio is going to help us elect the next Democratic president of the United States in 2008. (More cheers and applause, and the voice of a child, I'm guessing about 3 years old, saying something I couldn't make out. Hackett asks, "Turn it off or turn it on?")

That's why in 2006 we've got to be smart, and we've got to fight in all 88 counties in the state of Ohio. Because we as Democrats *can* win statewide in the state of Ohio. Despite the fact that in 15 years we haven't demonstrated that abililty.

So, how do we do that? Well, first of all, we've got to spread a message. (Small child again makes some noise, and Hackett, to approving laughter, says "Come here, guy", picks him up, asks "Ready?" and gives him a little "airplane" ride. Then, to the audience, "I haven't seen my kids in a couple of days.")

In the state of Ohio, we can, and we've got to win big in 2006. How we are going to do that is we're going to, first of all, spread a message of success. We as Democrats have got to be proud of what it is that we stand for. We are the party of fiscal responsibility, of limited government, of a strong national defense, and fair trade.

Now, some people every now and then when I say that, particularly Democratic activists, say, "Well, you sound like a Republican!" I don't think so...

Fiscal responsibility. We are the party that balances budgets! (Applause)
Limited government. Call me crazy--we don't send people to Washington D.C. to tell us how to live our private lives, educate our children, worship our God, or dictate to my wife or any of the women in this room, what decisions you make in the privacy of your doctor's office. (Applause and cheers)

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the message of the Democratic party, and that is the message that we have got to fight for across all 88 counties in the state of Ohio. And that's how we're going to win in 2006.

Now, that said, you all are going to play a big role in that. We've got a primary coming up in three months--May 2. I need your help in the primary. I'm asking you to join me.

If you're happy with where we are in America today, then you probably are not interested in helping me. But if you share the same concerns that I do, that America is not on the right track, that we're selling the next generation down the river, that we're exporting our economy, and that we're not standing up and fighting for what is great about this country, and about our party. If you share that concern, I ask you to take part, join the team, help us take this fight to Washington D.C. So that we can return a Democratic party for the state of Ohio, to the White House. A Democratic party that doesn't simply *aspire* to deliver greatness, but a Democratic party that has the *commitment*, and the sense of service, and the will to fight for what is great about our party. Things like peace, prosperity, and the freedoms that define America.

I want to be the guy who's going to create and fight for the new Democratic party, and take it Washington D.C. Please help me, please join, and let's get this job done in 2006 in Ohio, so that we can deliver the White House in 2008. (Loud cheers and applause).

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